Everything you need to know about London’s “T-charge”

About London’s “T-charge”

About London’s T-charge

Have heard about London’s T-charge? The Mayor of London has just announced that motorists driving high polluting cars through the

capital will be charged an extra £10.

Known as “T-charge” the move is designed to encourage car owners to switch to more eco-friendly

cars in order to lower air pollution.

What does it mean for London’s motorists? How will you be affected? We’ve got all the answers

right here.

Air pollution is a serious issue that’s being tackled by authorities and governments worldwide. Many

are worried about the high levels of pollution plaguing our cities, which is why plans are being put

into place to solve the issue.

Although, many cities across the globe already have regulations in place, the UK has stayed quite

neutral when it comes to pollution so far. The expected move, could have a very positive effect on

the environment, as well as the UK automotive industry as a whole.

Scheduled to go into place in 2017, T-charge will force owners to pay an additional £10 when driving

through the city of London during enforced hours, bringing the total for affected vehicles to £21.50.

Even though, the move hasn’t been well received by all, there majority are satisfied with the

government’s decision to tackle the issue of air pollution before it escalates even further than it

already has.

Paying more money is never ideal; however, taking care of the environment is crucial. It’s a known

fact that vehicles aren’t the best for the environment, so the move is rather good. On top of that

alternative powertrains are becoming more popular with manufacturers and car-buyers, meaning in

a few years the automotive industry could be completely transformed.

More details about the T-charge will likely become available as its introduction approaches, so if you

believe your vehicle could be affected, definitely keep an eye out for any updates.

Hopefully, the move will encourage other cities across the UK to take a similar approach towards

lowering air pollution levels in our cities.

How do you feel about the move? Is your vehicle going to be affected by T-charge? Let us know your

thoughts, and be sure to come back soon for more informative articles from the UK automotive


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