Aston Martin sued for $100 million by Henrik Fisker

It has just been revealed that Henrik Fisker has filed a lawsuit for $100 million against his former employer Aston Martin.

Big corporations have been getting sued since they first came into existence so it’s nothing new. Many lawsuits often lead nowhere because of insufficient evidence however some are taken seriously.

Henrik Fisker claims that Aston Martin is attempting to stamp out Fisker Automobile’s competitive presence in the luxury sports car market.

In late December 2015, Fisker received a letter from Aston Martin advising him to cancel the launched of its Force 1 vehicle due to a teaser image bearing a resemblance to some of Aston Martin’s products.

Fisker claims that the accusations made by Aston are completely false and provided proof in the form of pictures to disprove Aston’s claim.

This isn’t the first time a Fisker vehicle was accused of resembling an Aston Martin. Back in April, Fisker was forced to pull its Thunderbolt prototype following a similar lawsuit.

We are not sure whether Fisker’s lawsuit will be successful however we it’s pretty clear that he won’t pull another vehicle due to accusations made by Aston Martin.

Only time will tell what the outcome will be. Hopefully the two parties can put their differences aside as there’s more than enough room for them both in the industry.

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