BMW planning a new digital strategy

It’s no secret that the internet has completely transformed the world of marketing. Everything has moved online and businesses are forced to battle each other in the never-ending race to the top.

There’s a common misconception that big brands require less marketing because of their name recognition and reputation, however this only in part is true. Yes, well-known businesses start off with a huge advantage, however the completion will always be steep so without the right strategy in place, the success won’t last.

BMW might very well be one of the biggest carmakers on the planet, however it has just emerged that the brand is working on a new digital strategy that could completely transform the brand’s current approach.

The brand went as far as to hire Jens Monsees n the newly created role of the vice president of digital strategy. Monsees has worked as an executive at Google so he’s experienced in the field.

Much hasn’t been revealed about BMW’s new strategy yet, however we can probably expect something big.

According to early reports, Monsees will be given a lot of freedom with the new strategy so he could potentially completely transform the brand’s current strategy.

BMW is a well-known brand that has been around for 100 years so it will be interesting to see what its next chapter will bring.

The brand recently unveiled its latest concept, the BMW Vision Next 100, built to celebrate its 100th birthday. Designed to experiment with ideas BMW is hoping to implement on its production cars in the next 100 years, the car looks incredible and allows us to get a tiny glimpse at what’s to come.

Only time will tell whether the brand’s new digital strategy will be successful or not, however it’s fascinating to see a carmaker that has been around for such a long time remain popular today.

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