BMW recalls 45,000 UK cars

It has just been announced that BMW is recalling 45,000 UK vehicles, over a child safety seat fault.

Owners of affected BMW X3 and X4 models, will be contacted in the near future, to bring in their vehicles to their nearest dealerships, in order for the fault to be fixed.

According to reports, the issue concerns the lower anchor bars used to secure child safety seats. Out of 62,200 vehicles affected worldwide, European vehicles are believed to be among the most severely affected.

This is due to the fact that non-European child seats, use different latch connector offering more security and safety.

It is not clear at the moment, how long it will take the brand to contact owners of the affected models. According to a statement released by the brand, it already working on the fix, to get the issue sorted before it becomes any more serious and a fatal accident occurs.

BMW, isn’t the first big manufacturer to issue a recall this year. Other carmakers such as, Vauxhall and Porsche, have also recalled numerous models to fix various faults.

Although, this appears to be a very serious issue, BMW assures its customers that it is doing its best to try and fix the problem.

It’s never good when manufacturers are forced to issue recalls. Not only is it bad for owners of affected vehicles but it also costs manufacturers a lot of money.

Safety should always be the main priority however, so it’s always good to see carmakers take full responsibility and try finding a suitable solution.

Many different cars have been recalled over the years, some of which were involved in fatal accidents caused by manufacturing faults.

It’s always better to recall a model before anything happens, as soon as a fault is detected. This way, carmakers allow plenty of time for it to be fixed, without there being any casualties.

We’ll bring you more on the story as it develops. If you think your car is affected, the best you can do is contact BMW directly.

How do you feel about the recall? Are you satisfied with BMW’s response or do you think it could’ve done more? Let us know your thoughts and come back soon for more of the latest news from the automotive industry.

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