MINI Clubman ALL4 concept revealed

Clubman ALL4

MINI Italy has just revealed its new Clubman ALL4 concept, and it looks fantastic.

Carmakers have long tried to come up with ways to introduce fresh ideas without having to abide all the rules and regulations. This is where concept cars come in handy, as they allow manufacturers to explore their wildest ideas, without the fear of getting shut down or ridiculed. MINI Italy has just revealed the latest addition to its extensive catalogue of concept cars – MINI Clubman ALL4. Over the years, we have seen some wonderful examples of concepts done right; however, it’s not always as pretty as we would want it to be.

Inspired by a scrambler motorcycle, the new MINI Clubman ALL4 is definitely one to look at. It’s quite different and quirky, yet it retains its original charm, giving it a bold yet familiar look that fits well with the overall concept and theme.

Off-road tyres were use, to give the car a slightly more rural feel, increasing the car’s height in the process.

The vehicle definitely has a certain charm to it, as it resembles classic MINIs from the past, but with a new twist and a fresh approach.

Although, the car isn’t meant for production, it will be displayed at the Valentino Park Motor Show this week, giving attendees the opportunity to experience it in all its glory.

We could actually see the car on our roads, so it’s quite disappointing that it is not meant for production.

Like with many concept cars, the Clubman ALL4 was merely a way for the brand to experiment with some new ideas and explore different styling options.

The quirkiness that the vehicle offers, would likely go down well with many customers, had the car gone into production.

What make MINI special, is the fact that it can be so easily customised to make it unique and special. There are few vehicles out there that look appealing in different forms, but the simplicity that the original MINI offers works well and is definitely an advantage.

What are your thoughts on the MINI Clubman ALL4 concept? Are you a fan, or do you prefer the original MINI? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below, or you can always drop us a quick line.

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