Should driverless Google car be allowed on the road?

driverless Google car

Driverless cars are slowly emerging, however they are not quite ready for the road. That’s the popular opinion at least, one which Google seems to disagree with.

It’s no secret that the brand has been working on an autonomous vehicle for quite some time now. According to reports, the vehicle has done over 1 million miles of testing and Google believes that it’s ready to go on sale.

At the moment US law prevents vehicles without a steering wheel and pedals from going on sale, however some argue that the laws are outdated as they don’t take into consideration the fairly new driverless technology.

According to a recent statement released by the brand, driverless vehicles should be allowed on the US roads as long as they pass all the standard crash safety tests, just like any other vehicle.

Although many agree with Google, some are sceptical. Autonomous cars are very popular at the moment, with many different manufacturers experimenting with the idea, however to date not a single fully automated vehicle has been released.

Safety appears to be the main issue, with many concerned about the issues driverless cars could face on our roads.

A great deal of testing has been done on autonomous cars in the recent years, however many issues remain.

Insuring driverless cars, for example, could prove problematic as it’s uncertain who would get the blame in case of an accident. Since in theory, the car would be doing all the driving, in case it crashes it wouldn’t necessarily be fair to blame the person inside. This would make insuring such cars extremely difficult.

Whether Google believes that its new vehicle is ready to go on sale or not, it’s all up to the US government at the moment.

Something definitely needs to be done about the outdated laws that prevent us from going forward and advancing.

It America allowed autonomous vehicles on its roads, we should see more countries follow its lead in the future.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing driverless cars on our roads, however we wouldn’t mind waiting a couple more years for the technology to arrive it that would mean all the issues it is currently facing would be solved.

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