Faraday Future to preview its first all-electric car at Consumer Electronics Show in January

A mysterious new company, Faraday Future will unveil its very first concept car at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

The LA-based firm is believed to be working on its very own autonomous electric vehicle to rival Tesla in 2017.

Not much is known about the vehicle yet, however some clues to the yet unnamed vehicle will be revealed during the show.

So far, the company has been rather secretive about the vehicle, revealing very little so far. Even the shape of the vehicle is a mystery at the moment however it’s believed that it will closely resemble BMW’s X6.

It’s understood that the company will focus on fully electric vehicles, which isn’t surprising considering their recent rise in popularity.

People are slowly opening up to the idea of electric vehicles, with more being produced now than ever before.

Even the big companies are adapting to this trend. Numerous brands are building their own electric vehicles to compete against each other. Together with the “driverless car” trend that’s currently taking over the industry, electric vehicle are on course to change how we drive.

We’re very excited to see what Faraday Future has in store for us. From what we’ve seen so far, we believe that the company will do rather well. Only time will tell whether the brand will become a household name or whether it will fail and disappear after just one vehicle.

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