Italdesign GTZero concept unveiled at Geneva

Italdesign GTZero

he 2016 Geneva Motor Show is in full swing at the moment, with new pictures and videos emerging at an extremely fast rate. We’ve already seen a number of incredible cars this year that we’ve been waiting to see for a very long time. Lamborghini has unveiled its limited edition Centenario model, Aston Martin has showcased the new DB11 and Italdesign GTZero concept.

A couple of weeks have passed since we were first told about the Italdesign GTZero. In a statement released by the brand it has been revealed that it was preparing to unveil a new all-electric concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

This morning, we finally got a glimpse at the new concept and we’re very impressed. The vehicle looks incredible and the fact that it’ powered entirely by electricity is a great bonus.

Aggressive, sporty and bold, the car is proof that electric vehicles don’t have to be ugly.

Italdesign is of course best known for designing cars for the likes of Alfa Romeo and Bugatti over the years so expectations were definitely high.

The brand delivered with the fantastic Italdesign GTZero. The car not only looks aesthetically-pleasing but it’s also quite powerful as it’s powered by three motors capable of producing 483bph. The vehicle reportedly had a top speed of 155mph.

According to reports an 80% charge can be achieved in approximately 30 mins.

Although the vehicle is not meant for production, it will be very interesting to see what the brand will follow it up with.

Italdesign has produced concept cars in the past, all of which have received positive reviews.

Hopefully the brand will finally bring out a production model in the near future. Interest is already high and we imagine the new Italdesign GTZero will further increase the brands appeal to customers.

Only time will tell whether the brand will manufacture a new production model however in the meantime we have pictures and videos of the fantastic GTZero to keep us excited.

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