New Tesla Roadster Announced

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster 2017

New Tesla Roadster staggerTesla Roadsters the world by unveiling an all-new roadster. Claiming it to be the fastest accelerating car on earth.

Tesla has revealed a major surprise at the new launch of its new Semi Truck, by releasing an all-new generation of its electric roadster. Tesla is also claiming that it is the fastest accelerating car in the world. The Tesla CEO said the new Tesla Roadster had been constructed to give a brutal knockdown on gasoline cars. The standard version of the Tesla Roadster, which is also known as the base covers 0-60mph in 1.9 seconds. The Roadster can do 0-100mph in 4.2 seconds which is quicker than a BMW M4 can reach 60. This is showing us how technology within electric cars is growing and is an insight into the future of cars in general.

The power comes from a 200kwh battery pack and three electric motors. Two of the motor’s power an individual rear wheel. The one individual motor on its own powers the front wheels, which makes the Roadster four-wheel drive. Tesla stated shocking figures saying that the Roadster produces 10,000Nm of wheel torque. The range of the new Tesla is 1,000km which is 620 miles. The top speed has not be revealed yet but the CEO gave us an estimate of around 250mph. A quarter mile in the Tesla is possible in 8.9 seconds, which makes it the only production car to do the quarter mile in less than nine seconds. The CEO also hinted about a  different version beyond the standard base. This could be able to deliver even more performance.

Practicality and Prices

The Tesla Roadster has four seats surprisingly. Although the CEO did accept that giant people won’t be able to fit in the back. Although, they did boast about the storage within the Tesla besides the focus on performance. The second generation of Tesla Roadsters will begin manufacture in 2020, which is a while of time. Reservations are being taken now to pre-order your Tesla. The price of the standard base version Tesla in the US begins at $200,000 which is £151,000. Customers will have to put a deposit down which is $50,000 around £34,000. A founders edition model which is limited to up to 1,000 examples will cost from $250,000 around £189,000.

Tesla Roadster


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