Renault Zoe recalled in the UK

Renault Zoe

It has just been announced that nearly half of all Renault Zoe ever produced are getting recalled following the emergence of a brake-related issue.

According to reports around 999 UK Renault Zoe are believed to be affected, with 18,150 cars affected in total.

The Renault Zoe first entered production in 2012, however development on it began as early as 2009, which is when the vehicle was unveiled in its concept form.

It proved quite popular with customers, quickly becoming a favourite among electric car enthusiasts. Around 42,300 Zoes are believed to have been made in total so far, however half of them reportedly feature a fault that could potentially damage the brakes. Read more at

The front wheel arch liner on the car is reportedly capable of damaging the front brake hose, which is why it needs to be removed from affected vehicles.

Owners of affected car will be sent a letter in the near future inviting them to the nearest Renault dealership, where the cars will be checked free of charge.

It’s always interesting to see how different brands respond to recalls. Most want to get them done as quickly as possible to avoid any additional problems from emerging.

Following last year’s “Dieselgate” scandal, people have become more aware of just how much effect a recall can have on both the brand as well as the customer.

Volkswagen is still recovering from the scandal, however it still hasn’t gotten its customers’ trust back.

Fortunately, the same will likely not be the case with Renault. The scandal isn’t as big and so far the brand has dealt with it quite effectively.

What the final outcome will be remains to be seen, however it’s unlikely the scandal will greatly affect the Zoes sales.

Do you think enough is being done about the issue at the moment? Do you have a vehicle that’s affected? Let us know and don’t forget to come back son for more interesting articles.

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