Tesla to Stop Using “Autopilot” Term in Germany

The German government has ordered Tesla to stop using the Autopilot term in the country, as it believes that the name is misleading and could confuse customers.

Although Tesla is currently one of the biggest carmakers on the planet, the brand is facing an issue over its use of the Autopilot term, used to describe one of the features present in its cars.

This comes only months after an accident involving the autopilot mode resulted in the death of a motorist, who was under the impression that he didn’t have to pay attention to the road due to the car being in autopilot mode.

Driverless vehicles are slowly becoming a reality, so we could soon start seeing autonomous cars on our roads; however, for the time being they are not road legal yet. Many manufacturers have introduced various autonomous features in the last couple of years, some of which are quite popular with buyers, but they all require the driver to remain in control of the car.

The German government believes that by describing the system as autopilot, Tesla could mislead many drivers into believing that they didn’t need to pay attention to the road as the car is doing all the work for them.

Tesla is yet to respond to the issue; however, it seems reasonable that the German government would order such a thing. Until autonomous features are fully tested and deemed road-legal, drivers will be forced to pay attention to the road whilst driving.

Many are opposed to the driverless car movement, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping manufacturers from attempting to develop necessary technologies to make autonomous cars a reality.

If Tesla wants to remain at the forefront of the electric car movement, it will have to do as told until further research is performed to improve the safety of such features.

Regardless of this electric cars seem to be getting more popular by the day. If you are thinking about selling your old car and investing in an all-electric vehicle, the time has never been better as the choices are virtually endless.

What are your thoughts about Tesla and its autopilot mode? Do you agree with the German government? Tell us what you think in the comment below and don’t forget to come back shortly for more exciting articles, as well as all the latest from the automotive industry.

Tesla to Stop Using “Autopilot” Term in Germany
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Tesla to Stop Using “Autopilot” Term in Germany
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