Scion brand will be discontinued by Toyotain 2016


Although Scion is relatively new, having only been founded in 2003, it has just been revealed that the brand will be ending production of its vehicles and in August of this year it will be absorbed by its parent company, Toyota.

In an effort to experiment with vehicles that would appeal to younger customers, Toyota created the brand with an aim to create bold cars that looked interesting and fresh.

Throughout the years, the brand produced numerous vehicles, some of which were more successful than others. Unfortunately, Scion only experienced moderate success and its sales have been decreasing for a while now.

According to a statement released by Toyota, it will absorb the brand later this year, with the remaining vehicles being rebranded and sold as Toyotas.

Even though the brand never experienced great success, it served its purpose. It allowed Toyota to experiment with new and unique vehicles that approached things from a different perspective.

It is currently believed that the Scion FR-S, iA and iM will be rebranded as Toyota towards the end of the year.

Apart from its production models, Scion experimented with slightly more unique ideas by producing a number of concept cars, which included the Scion Hako concept. Unveiled in 2008 at the New York International Auto Show, the vehicle made headlines due to its unique ‘boxy’ appearance.

Although we’re sad to see the brand go, we believe that Toyota is making the right decision. It achieved everything it set out to achieve and Scion served its purpose. Hopefully it allowed Toyota to learn a thing or two about what its younger customers are after.

Sadly, brands can’t go on forever. We’re glad that Scion allowed us to experience a different side of Toyota and we’re hoping that certain elements from its vehicles will find their way onto future Toyota models.

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