UK plans for driverless vehicles revealed

If you have been following the news regarding autonomous cars over the last couple of months, there’s probably one question on your mind – “When can we expect driverless cars to go on sale?”.

Ever since the idea of driverless vehicles began to become a reality, enthusiasts from around the globe have wondered about whether we would actually see such cars on our roads. Experts have made their thoughts known, however no official announcements regarding driverless vehicles have ever been made, until now.

Today, it has been announced that driverless cars will be tested on UK roads as early as 2017. On top of that, it is predicted that they will finally go on sale in 2020. Read more here:

Compared to previous, unofficial predictions, this is much sooner that we have expected. If the announcement turns out to be true, autonomous car enthusiasts, as well as those interested in the technology, will finally be able to experience them in all their glory.

It is important for Britain to embrace new technologies and remain aware of the importance of these new developments.

Some believe that autonomous cars are the future, therefore we need to do our best to conduct relevant tests in order to ensure that once the technologies are ready, they can appear on our market without delay.

With interest in autonomous car currently on the rise, it will be interesting to see where it will all end up.

Recently, it has been announced that driverless lorries will be tested on British motorways later this year, so Britain is definitely embracing this fascinating new technology, which is fantastic.

Are you a fan of autonomous vehicles? Would you consider purchasing a car capable of driverless driving in the future? Let us know in the comments down below, or drop us a quick line.

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