Vauxhall recalls Zafira Mk2 for second time

Zafira Mk2

Vauxhall has announced that it recalling the Zafira Mk2 for the second time to fix the fire issue, which first came to light last year.

The British manufacturer has released a statement revealing that it is recalling all Zafira B cars to make further changes and prevent a fire risk from reoccurring in the future.

Last year, after concerned owners of affected vehicles brought the issue to light, Vauxhall launched a full investigation to determine the cause of fires and find a solution to prevent it from occurring.

The brand managed to locate the fault, citing improper repairs as the cause of the issue.

Owners of all Zafira MK2 B models were informed about the issue and invited to bring their vehicles to their local dealership to be inspected.

According to reports, Vauxhall has been working on this since if first learned about the fault, choosing to recall all Mk2 models for another fix.

Reportedly, it will make the system more robust by replacing certain parts to prevent dashboard fires from happening again in the future.

Although, no fatalities have been reported, the issue caused concern among Zafira MK2 owners, with some creating a Facebook page to express their views and pressure the brand to offer a solution.

It will take some time for Vauxhall to earn the trust of its customers’ back and only time will tell whether owners of affected vehicles ever forgive the brand for its mistakes.

Vauxhall isn’t the only major brand currently under fire, as more carmakers are also currently facing a lot of backlash, however for other reasons.

Volkswagen is dealing with the aftermath of its “Dieselgate” scandal, whereas Mitsubishi and Suzuki have recently accepted responsibility for issues linked with fuel economy data. Read more here

Although, it should’ve made sure that this issue never occurred in the first place, Vauxhall is trying to show its customers that it is trying. Perhaps not enough, according to some, however we’ll have to wait and see to find out what this recall will lead to.

Has the scandal changed how you feel about Vauxhall? Are you the owner of an affected model? Let us know your experiences below and be sure to come back soon for more news from the world of cars.

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